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  • Jonathansholmes


  • Swetha Dhanasekar

    Swetha Dhanasekar

    Data Scientist & Machine Learning Engineer

  • An Truong

    An Truong

    Senior datascientist with passion for codes. Follow me for more practical tips of datascience in the industry.

  • Emeli Dral

    Emeli Dral

    CTO and Co-founder Evidently AI. Machine learning instructor.

  • Aman Kharwal

    Aman Kharwal

    Coder with the ❤️ of a Writer || Data Scientist | Solopreneur | Founder | Top writer in Artificial Intelligence

  • Amogh Vaishampayan

    Amogh Vaishampayan

    I'm a Product Manager specializing in building AI and AR products. I write about technology and startups.

  • Kyle Gallatin

    Kyle Gallatin

    Software Engineer for ML Infra. Building scalable, operationalized machine learning services. I don’t represent my employer.

  • Quantum Stat

    Quantum Stat

    Read our NLP Cypher newsletter here every Sunday for NLP & Machine Learning code & research. For software dev, contact us @ quantumstat.com 🤟

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